Addiction Recovery Center In Colorado

Colorado has seen an upsurge in the number of addicts who are seeking treatment for cases related to drug abuse. The upsurge has been fueled by an abundance of drugs in the state which has been occasioned by transshipment of most of the drugs into the country via Colorado. Much of the population which is facing problems with drug abuse in Colorado may find treatment from the many varieties of health institutions that are run by private institutions or by the state in itself.

The state has seen a huge demand for these services and has stepped up campaigns to promote drug abuse programs in Colorado through the department of substance abuse and mental health. Recently, the state was granted a cheque for $8.3 million dollars towards this initiative. The money is a portion of the kitty provided by the national department for human services. When receiving the cheque, the chairman of the department reiterated that the money will go a long way in boosting the efforts made by the department in providing a drug abuse program in Colorado for individuals in need within various cities and towns.

Drug Abuse Program In Colorado

The facilities that provide the means for drug abuse programs in Colorado are mainly privately run businesses. One such facility is the addiction research and treatment facility. The aim of this facility is to treat drug dependence and improve the quality of life of the individuals who are affected by use of drugs. This is done through the provision of tested and tried treatment methods that have been empirically researched. The ARTS Center is a drug abuse program in Colorado that is operated under the Division of Substance Abuse at the University of Colorado.

The facility has been providing quality services to residents of Colorado for a period of over 33 years since its inception. ARTS offer inpatient as well as outpatient treatment facilities for addicts who are hooked on drugs and other substances. The facility provides treatment for men, women, adolescents, families as well as other types of individuals in society. Since this drug abuse program in Colorado is run by a university, it offers cutting edge technology in the production of services aimed at reducing deaths related to drug addiction.

Another facility that has a drug abuse program in Colorado is the Harmony Foundation which is located in the county of Estes Park of Colorado. The facility has been in the forefront of producing quality mental care for residents of the state for an era spanning over 42 years. The facility is a non-profit organization and is dedicated to providing an environment where many of the drug addicts around the state are able to get treatment regardless of their financial status.

The facility recognizes that an addiction is a disease and it can respond great to treatment if it is addressed early just like most of the other diseases in the state. When an addict goes through this drug abuse program in Colorado, they are able to put their addiction lives in the past and live a happier and fulfilling life free from drugs and its ill effects.

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