Addiction Recovery Center In Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has realized the problem that is experienced by most of its population in terms of drug abuse. This is why they devised facilities aimed at addressing the need by the population for anyone needing a drug abuse program in Connecticut to get the treatment they need. It is not an easy thing for a person to accept an addiction problem or their level of dependency.

The addict also plays a major part in their recovery process, in that if they are not willing to get well, no matter what the professionals do at any drug abuse program in Connecticut, the people will not be able to get well if they are not willing. A drug abuse program in Connecticut will cater to varying degrees of the addiction problem to individuals. However, people who are facing long term addiction problems are more suited to taking treatment offered by long term facilities such as inpatient treatment facilities. At these facilities, an individual is kept in an environment that is drug free and with time they are eventually able to get over their addiction problem.

Drug Abuse Program In Connecticut

A drug abuse program in Connecticut provided in hospitals and rehab institutions involves a detoxification process. Detox is offered to individuals who have been enrolled in other forms of treatment programs but have been unresponsive to the treatment. The detoxification takes place in three phases, first is the physical detoxification. The addict is given nutrition foods that are rich in vitamins, fiber and other nutritional goodies to help the body as it transitions to getting well. This process is important since without health the addiction problem cannot be addressed.

The second phase is the medical detoxification. This detoxification involves the use of certain medications to substitute the drugs that the addict was hooked on. The medicine used is however less addictive and care is taken to ensure that the addict is not hooked on the prescribed medicine through careful supervision by the prescribing medical personnel. After the toxins are removed from the body, the patient is given emotional support, this is known as emotional detox, the support is given to ensure that the addict is able to rely on themselves after they leave the treatment facilities.

There are some facilities that offer a drug abuse program in Connecticut that features rapid detoxification. This is one of the easiest ways in which an addict may be able to be cleared of all the toxins that hook a person to drugs. Rapid detoxification involves hospitalization of the individual in a hospital or rehab setting. The person is then kept on a starvation diet for a period of twelve hours or more.

After this, the patient is then taken to an operating room where his or her body is connected to a tubal system that flashes chemicals through the system which come out with the toxins of the addiction drug. The patient is then kept in an ICU for a period of four days after which they are released. Home detoxification should never be tried as an option; it is highly suggested to make use of a professional drug abuse program in Connecticut to receive the proper support and medical supervision.

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