Addiction Recovery Facility In Louisiana

Louisiana is a state that is under attack from the many addicts who are using lethal substances that add no value on their lives. It is good to note that any addiction, be it alcohol or drugs or food or sex, is a disease that once given time, eventually leaves the system and one is sober for a long time. It can be compared to a cough or cold.

There are various programs given at drug abuse programs in Louisiana that vary from cost, facilities and amenities found there. But the main focus should be on long term sobriety of the individual from the substances. There are such programs as the twelve steps, non-twelve steps, inpatient, outpatient and detox or nutritional. In all of the above programs the addict is taught ways of avoiding the temptations and the triggers that are present on the journey to being sober, the ways of tackling the cravings and others that help a recovering addict adjust to a better cleaner life free from the substances.

Drug Abuse Program In Louisiana

In the twelve step program, one goes through a set of principles that are divided into twelve groups (like the twelve disciples of Jesus). This is a somewhat of a Christian based approach that follows a specific method. This is where the addict or recovering addict goes to church basements, learns and studies the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and even may attend Bible Study sessions , or whatever their preference, to help the person become more grounded in the faith.

In the non-twelve step program, one does not have to attend the church basement sessions or the Bible Study sessions or anything of that nature, but the same principles are taught and have to be adhered to. In this program one has the option of becoming a devout Christian or not.

A drug abuse program in Louisiana will use and follow a detox and nutritional program. This is because when a system is clean it is willing and ready to be fed and given good things that help mend all the mistakes of the past. Anyone who uses and abuses the substances has a side effect that includes having no appetite, which in turn wreaks havoc on the entire system. This is not good as the system is leeched off of all the vital nutrients and minerals that are for growth and cell rejuvenation. A drug abuse program in Louisiana will also have an inpatient program that includes the admittance of the addict in a facility or a half-way house where there are others who are trying to recover from the substances.

In these sorts of arrangements one is safe and as far away as possible from the temptations and triggers that lead one astray. The group sessions that are held further foster and ensure that the recovering addict is on the right path and that the proof of recovery is there for all to see. Though there are outpatient programs given as another form of a drug abuse program in Louisiana, it is prudent to note that the programs are for those who are not all that hooked on the substances, but is for those who are social users.

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