Substance Abuse Facility In Rhode Island

The problem of drug abuse in Rhode Island has been one of the highest in the nation for quite some time. The challenges this presents to any drug abuse program in Rhode Island are quite many. The fact that Rhode Island has been noted as having the highest illicit drug use in the country means that its programs have to measure up to the challenge of providing the best services to those suffering from these conditions.

Illicit drugs mostly include marijuana, cocaine and heroin. Others are inhalants and the multiple prescription drugs whose availability has been on the rise in recent days. Laws governing their availability have to be established to help reduce their ready availability within the streets of Rhode Island. When ways are found to make them harder to access, then the result will definitely be a reduction in the number of patients treated at a drug abuse program in Rhode Island.

Drug Abuse Program In Rhode Island

One of the drugs being heavily abused is marijuana. Once more its rate of abuse is the highest nationwide in the state of Rhode Island. This means that any drug abuse program in Rhode Island has to contend with this fact. The programs have to provide treatment facilities that are specialized in providing those services to people who have been caught up in the web of marijuana abuse.

However, marijuana is not the only drug with a high percentage of use in this state. Rhode Island also leads in the usage of other illicit drugs besides marijuana. The rate of drug abuse, of other drugs beside marijuana, recorded was jointly the highest between the states of Arizona and Rhode Island at around 5.5 percent. Therefore, any drug abuse program in Rhode Island has to factor in this fact as well in the course of providing treatment to drug abuse patients.

When a person struggling with drug abuse also happens to live in a state that also has the highest rates of alcohol abuse in the nation, then this means he or she is faced with some difficult choices. The rate of drinking by residents of Rhode Island is said to currently stand at around 63%. This means that just slightly more than 6 out of every ten people engage in heavy drinking. This complicates situations for any drug abuse program in Rhode Island.

Although these facts present a dull gruesome picture about the state of drug abuse in Rhode Island, there is however, hope. This hope is provided through the services offered through any drug abuse program in Rhode Island. The presence of drug abuse programs and the centers providing them means that people who suffer from drug abuse have hope of ultimately getting better and returning to their normal lives.

This hope is firmly based on the fact that drug abuse programs have been posting impressive results of the patients who have fully recovered after undergoing successful treatment in their facilities. The rate of successful treatment and rehabilitation of drug abuse patients has been very high and impressive especially where they are treated from centers with drug abuse programs.

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