Spotting the Signs of Painkiller Addiction

Painkiller addiction is a potentially fatal disease that leads to a number of physical and psychological health problems for the user. Spotting the signs of painkiller addiction early on can make a major difference in whether an individual whom you love lives or dies as a result of this disease. If you can learn how to spot the signs of addiction you can possibly get help before the lifelong consequences of the addiction truly set in.

Lack of Attention to Others

Many people who become addicted to painkillers will avoid others, especially those who matter to them. The addiction will cause the user to avoid his or her friends or family members and may make them socially isolated except for when it comes to spending time with others who also share in their drug use situations.

Lack of Appearance

Painkiller addiction can cause a user to stop taking care of him or herself. Lack of physical appearance is often a major sign of painkiller addiction that continues to progress as the addiction itself progresses. Spotting this sign is not always as easy as it sounds because sometimes people lack their physical appearance regardless of whether they are addicted or not.

Concerned with Nothing but Painkillers

This is one of the most common signs of painkiller addiction. People who are addicted to painkillers will be completely preoccupied with painkillers and the use of these drugs. It may seem to the outsider as if nothing but painkillers matter to the addict. He or she may constantly be seeking out painkillers and attempting to find ways to get high.

Withdrawal Symptoms

People who are addicted to painkillers will most definitely show signs of withdrawal when they are not using painkillers. These symptoms could include anything from nausea and vomiting to anger and agitation. Withdrawal symptoms will often become much worse as the addiction progresses and they can become much more noticeable.

Physical Signs of Painkiller Addiction

There are various other physical signs of painkiller addiction that an individual must be prepared to recognize if a loved one is taking these drugs. Some of the most common physical signs of painkiller addiction include weight loss or gain, insomnia, unhealthy look, poor hygiene, organ failure or disease.

Psychological Signs of Painkiller Addiction

Psychologically, an individual who is addicted to painkillers may be happy when he or she has drugs and then completely upset when they do not have drugs. They could show signs of being suicidal or depressed, they may be anxious or nervous or they may be agitated.

Painkiller addiction affects each individual in a different manner so determining what it is that is actually a sign of addiction and what is actually just a sign of a bad mood can be a challenging process at best.



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