The Different Types of Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

If you are researching drug rehabilitation facilities, then it’s important to first ask yourself what you are expecting the moment you walk through the door. Do you think it will be a luxurious rehab clinic with a friendly staff, delicious meals and individual rooms, and will offer you everything you ask for? It may be, but the reality is often quite different because most standard drug rehabilitation facilities are not like that.

Drug rehabilitation facilities come in various forms, and most of the people do not end up in luxurious rehab centers reserved for stars. You may have to share the room with another person, you may also have to do some chores, to clean, to cook and to pitch in around the house. You won’t be waited on hand and foot.

As far as methods of treatment are concerned, there are numerous types to choose from.

Let’s have a close look at some of your options for the treatment:

* Biophysical Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers -These treatment centers use drug free model that may take more than 30 days. Treatment methods may need more than withdrawal, and emphasize on eliminating all the drug residues inside the body. The great news is that biophysical method is at least four times more effective than other rehab programs.

* Dual-Diagnosis Rehabilitation Facilities – This type \of treatment is heavily reliant on medication. When you sign up for this type of program, your addiction will be treated as a chemical issue. So they treat your problem using even more chemicals! However, this type of a rehab program can get you much faster results within a short time.

Many drug rehabilitation facilities stick to the twelve step program and teachings of the Alcoholics Anonymous model. This is a highly successful program that has worked for millions around the world for over 100 years now, but it’s definitely not a foolproof program.

In fact, more people fail in this program than succeed. However, this should not discourage you from seeking a proper treatment. If you are really interested in getting rehabilitated, nothing in this world can stop you from getting rid of your addition forever.

Mostly, when people fail in a twelve-step program, it’s not because there are some shortcomings in the program. It’s mainly because people fail to dedicate themselves to this program in the way they should.

So no matter what type of rehab treatment you are interested in, if you do not treat the problem as if it is only way in this world to save your life, there are bleak chances of your success. However, by dedicating yourself to the best program, you can give the best possible chance to yourself, no matter what type of drug rehabilitation facility you end up in.


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